The Kite Cycle

Here is the Kite Cycle jumping 387 feet over three trucks parked end to end! This was for a CHIP's TV show episode. Their special effects people painted the motor cycle with a special easy-to-peel off, water based paint to look like an official California Highway Patrol vehicle. They also made KiteCycle jumper, Bob Correll, wear a blond wig to look more like Erik Estrada's partner, Larry from far away.

Kite Cycle and Jet Bike daredevil BOB CORRELL! Bob hold the 423 foot world distance record's for jumping a motorcycle. That distance is more than a football field!! The KiteCycle - a 450cc Yamaha with a small 12 foot hang glider attached was invented and patented by Bob's partner, Doug Malewicki. Bob also holds the 225 MPH world record for the fastest quarter mile motorcycle speed with his Jet Bike.


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