1. The F-18 Jet Bike Team

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F-18 Jet Bike chassis construction underway
Daredevil, Bob Correll astride raw F-18, shakes hands with John Cole

(director of New Zealand's ANZUS Technologies, Inc.) 

Left to right:  Chip Bassett (chassis builder/welder); Doug Malewicki (inventor/engineer); John Cole; Bob Correll; and Len Stobar (LA Art Center Adjunct Professor). 

Thanks to our many sponsors:

Performance Machine Those gorgeous wheels and brakes!

(714) 523-3000

Trac Dynamics Front fork, fender, handlebars and titanium rear axle. www.tracdynamics.com
(805) 295-1956
Tim Arfons Modified jet engine, afterburner system, and Stainless Steel ducting over rear wheel (330) 644-5146
Moon Eyes Speed Equipment Spun aluminum jet engine bell mouth inlet,   and "Sidewinder missile" side tanks. (562) 944-6311
Nichols and Associates F-18 Jet Bike bookings.   (815) 877-8041
EGC High temperature graphite gaskets and sealing materials. (440) 285-5835
Cool-it Thermotec High temperature 2000 degree F. Ceramic insulation fabric for the hot exhaust pipe. www.thermotec.com
(800) 274-8437
Bob Correll Sr. Investment capital and moral support. (818) 786-8844
ANZUS Technologies (New Zealand) Control software and sensors, CAD, plastic injection molding tooling, automation. 011-64-9-630-1183
Chip Bassett Machining, fabrication, low cost design,   solid and liquid propellant rockets. (714) 843-5848
AeroVisions, Inc. Structural analysis, performance analysis, engineering design, invention consulting. www.CanoSOARus.com
(949) 559-7113
Stobar & Stobar Design Associates Innovative practical product design, renderings, clay and model building.   (760)809-6819
Murray Design
(New Zealand)
Machining; electronics; automation design, fabrication, and test.  Inventor prototypes. 011-64-9-576-2177
Quest-Tek Oceanography, underwater video and   electronics, worldwide internet education. (949) 587-1079
Dempsey's World Record Performance Associates Creator's of the world's fastest electric car - the 237 mph "White Lightning". www.worldrecords.net
Jim Ludiker Electric dragster innovator and current holder of several Bonneville speed records. (714) 968-1632
The Factory Spectator Steve Bruhn provides the best, near instant, Motocross racing coverage on the internet! www.LCSracing.com
Dave Ross Photography Project photography since the days of Evel Knievel's SkyCycle canyon jumping rocket! (949) 548-3297
Sessa Manufacturing Three compartment aluminum tank. (805) 987-2847
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