Robosaurus is BIG!

Opening ceremonies  Portland, Oregon
US West Rose Festival Air Show
June 25 - 27, 1999

A brave young lady sings our national anthem from two stories up - sitting in Robo's hand!

Robo holds an American flag 50 feet up in the air, while down below the US Marine Color Guard stands at attention and the Military Jets fly by. 

Photo Credits - Roger Mola Copyright 1999


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Tacoma Dome Monster Jam (Jan. 17 - 19, 2003) Vandenberg AFB Air Show (Nov. 2 - 4, 2002)

Close-up of Robo's face.  Special effects lighting illuminates his menacing stainless steel teeth in an evil glow!

Great shot just after Robo tears a car in half!

Robosaurus ate a Russian Rocket, an American rocket and a car at each Vandenberg performance.


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Mark Hays

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