How Robosaurus is Controlled
(continued, part 2)

Layout of how Robo's Shoulders and Forearms are controlled by the pilot's Shoulder and Forearm motion

Each of the pilot's arms are locked into the "control arm" system shown above. When the pilot rotates his right shoulder forward, the drawer slides move with the shoulder. This motion causes the "UP" shoulder micro switch to close and in turn completes an electrical circuit that signals a P-Q Controls, Inc. hydraulic control valve computer board to cause the right shoulder hydraulic cylinder to extend. Basically, the P-Q Controls, inc. Valve Control computer board takes the simple "ON/OFF microswitch electrical circuit commands and converts them to simulated proportional commands. When the pilot removes his control force inputs, built-in springs return all commands to the neutral OFF position

This is Doug Schumann, his wife Noreen, daughter Heidi and son Dave in front of Robo's arm. Without the P-Q Controls, Inc. enabling technology developed by Schumann, the Robosaurus pilot would have had to be pulling and pushing simultaneously on 18 different hydraulic control levers. Obviously, impossible to do by a human with only two hands and two feet! What's worse, would have been the extra nightmare of running two long hydraulic hoses from Rob's tail all the way up to his head for each function - 36 more hoses bending and flexing all over the place every time Robo moved - YUK! Much easier to run 36 electrical wires and move electrons around instead of hydraulic fluid! Thank you P-Q Controls, Inc!
The Southern California Malewicki's and the Bristol, Connecticut Schumann's have become great friends since meeting through the Robosaurus project. The families did a 700 mile in 8 day bicycling tour of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Maine together the first summer Robo was on the road. A couple of summers later, they also did a cycling tour of the beautiful Canadian Gulf Islands and Washington's San Juan Islands. More recently in April of 1997, because of Doug S's prodding (a dedicated tri-athlete), both Doug's entered the Naples, Florida Master's Track meet in the 1,500 meter running event. Doug M. got a first place in his age bracket, while Doug S. got a first place and set an all time meet record in his age bracket!