Robosaurus Souvenirs 
& Free EMail Show Notification Service

You can obtain an assortment of goodies at the OFFICIAL Robosaurus Web Site.  I am just handling a couple sizes of the ROBO T-Shirts because they are top grade quality, beautiful works of art that I love!  Available in the gray shown below and only in Large and XLarge sizes.

Front (logo is 12" wide)
Back (art is 14" tall)

Price is $15.95 for each ROBO T-Shirt
plus shipping and handling charges.



CONTEST for Free Show Tickets

Would you like to be informed by EMail when Robosaurus is performing near you?   We will EMail you two weeks prior to an appearance in your vicinity with the Show dates, exact location, and scheduled times.  The EMail will also include the Show phone number where you can preorder tickets by credit card.

JUST EMail Doug with ROBO SHOW typed in the Subject.  You also must type in your Name, Age, EMail address, City, State and Zip Code in the body of the EMail.

Furthermore, we will select two of you EMail NOTIFICATION SERVICE participants at random for each show location and award TWO FREE Tickets to each winner.  We will ALSO randomly award ONE lucky EMailer the chance to ride in the Jump Seat (behind the pilot up in the head) for a short, but awesome - two minute demo.  Rising Four Stories up in a fire breathing monster is guaranteed to get you into some lively, interesting conversations for the next week or so!
Note: We cannot do this during a show and unfortunately for now, the winning passenger must be at least 18 years old.  Also, the two minute ride can only be made during or just after the Press Conference which is usually held a couple of days before the first show.  Lastly, your ride will not involve any car crushing nor eating - just a basic checkout of how Robo works such as: tilting the head way back and way forward; seeing how the arms and claws work; seeing how it is driven and steered; and lastly, experiencing a couple of 20 foot blasts of fire!
(Check this Web Site for updates on our attempt to lower that 18 year age limit without losing our insurance).


This year, Monster Robots, Inc. is going to try out another new direct participation program called Honorary Ground Crew Members.  Basically, we will select two prequalified people for each appearance location to be an integral part of the Robosaurus Team before and DURING the show!  The lucky two will be trained in basic ground operations, assist in all preparations from way before the show ever starts to helping redock the transformed Robo to his Tractor after the final show is complete. Again, one must be at least 18 years old. This is not a random drawing! We can only use people with demonstrated mechanical abilities.  AND it involves some real work - like hauling tons of souvenir items like T-Shirts to the concessionaire's booths.  You will also get to wear one of the new sharp crew jumpsuits and get to take lots of pictures with you and Robo!

Persons interested in this program should EMail Doug Malewicki - (Subject ROBO CREW).  We want to review your mechanical background, so an attached resume would be very useful.  It will also help, if you tell us in at least 50 words, why you would like to be an HONORARY CREWPERSON when Robo is appearing near your town. I f we get some people who we deem very capable workers, we may well let them operate the important TV camera cart during the live show. We will contact the best people for final selections about a month before an appearance. Good Luck!