Robosaurus's Skeleton

6'- 3" Doug Schumann, President of P-Q Controls of Bristol, Connecticut is dwarfed by the 40 foot tall towering structure of Robosaurus's complete skeleton. All limbs, body and leg structures were designed as braced trusses - just like most highway bridges.
Doug is shown here installing and adjusting his company's Hydraulic Valve Control Boards inside a weather proof enclosure. Each Valve Board is an independent computer that is used to control one hydraulic function. Every board has three electronic trim pots that are carefully tuned to supply the fastest possible motions without any jerkiness.
Larry Morris (left), Mark DeWeese and Bob Kubinski celebrate Robosaurus's official Roll-Out by popping a bottle of Champagne. Look at the first picture and imagine how WOULD YOU climb up Robo's back carrying a bottle in one hand (a 40 foot tall playground gym)!! Larry Morris from Cal State Seal, whom spent many days and night making and installing all the Parker high pressure hydraulic hoses was the one who took on that scary task!

Mark DeWeese was our welding fabrication specialist. Co-inventor Bob Kubinski helped with all the structural and mechanism engineering, fabrication and was the shop supervisor. Bob and Mark are both certified welders and Bob is also a certified welding inspector.
Robosaurus's latest complete MagnaFlux inspection was performed by a professional Non-Destructive Testing company in April of 1997. The results revealed that after 7 years and over 200,000 miles of traveling down the highways that all welds were certified to still be perfectly sound.