Introduction to "Inside Robosaurus"

The next 16 pages explain in detail all the technical aspects involved in the creation of our giant toy! It all comes from a paper I presented at an International Fluid Power Association Conference held in Chicago, Illinois.
I originally was going to offer the paper for sale here on the Web Site. Once I realized seeing the pictures on paper in black and white is boring, I decided to put it all in
color on the Web Site. So now it is FREE! Enjoy!
Note: It is a bit technical and probably will be difficult to understand for those not yet in Junior High.

Book - Table of Contents:

01. ROBOSAURUS LIVES! - Creating a Monster
02. Enough MERE Fantasy. Time for reality!
03. Preliminary Design
04. Structural Engineering
05. Power for animation and Motion
06. Hydraulic Engineering
07. Tooth Engineering
08. Pilot Ergonomics
09. Pilot's Control Arrangement
10. Fly-by-Wire Control System
11. Other Electrical Systems
12. Mobility During a Show
13. Road Configuration Details
14. Miscellaneous Systems
15. Robosaurus Team
16. From Start to Finish!